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Passionate About Your Success

I grew up learning slower than everyone else. So slow that it was obvious from a very young age that there was something wrong. My mom would drive four hours to go to classes for children with learning disabilities on the weekends. I started speech therapy, and eventually we learned that I have dyslexia, dysgraphia, and auditory processing disorder. Essentially my brain is like a phone that jumbles the words of every call and text it sends or receives. Extremely annoying. Bad for academics. As you can imagine, I had disappointing experiences growing up.

All these issues set me up to become an extremely hard worker who was extremely lacking in test taking talent. The moment that really stung was the SAT where I could perform well on some sections but got crushed by the reading comprehension section. This led me to score far below my friends even though I worked much harder. That was the moment where I was sick and tired of working so hard and feeling so stupid. No one was born to be mediocre, and I knew that if I was going to get to medical school I needed to figure out standardized test taking. By developing the process I teach, I was able to blaze a trail to a 99th percentile MCAT score (without accommodations). That moment changed my life. Most importantly, I saw that the difference between SAT Tyler and MCAT Tyler was not talent or work ethic--it was strategy. 

Now a third year medical student, I've continued to refine my technique and excel. This year I've been giving monthly talks with faculty on standardized test taking strategies for medical board exams. This highly attended series highlights the most research-based learning strategies paired with successful students' experiences. 


Additional achievements I've accumulated along the way have included several research awards, presentations, and a manuscript in Nature Immunology. I was given a leadership award for homeless outreach work, competed at Collegiate Nationals for Powerlifting, and am a strength coach for athletes with disabilities. All of this led to 9 interviews at Top 25 medical schools and matriculation to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. 


I hope working with me makes you believe that anyone can win. Our potential is hugely decided by what we think of it, and you are always one innovation away from the next level. I started helping students to give hope and guide them towards a more perfect version of themselves. There will always be talk about “natural test takers” and people blaming the education system, but my truest purpose is to show you that none of that matters. Anyone can be successful in the academic game.

  • Undergrad GPA: 3.93 (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi)

  • MCAT: 99th Percentile

  • 100th percentile on ACS National Organic Chemistry Exam

  • Harvard Medical School Evergrande Research Scholar

  • Major Honors Research

  • Co-author in Nature Immunology

  • Several presentations at national research conferences

  • Powerlifter at Collegiate Nationals

  • David C. Martin Award in Geriatric Research

  • NIH T32 Grant

  • David Winter Servant Leadership Award

  • Harold R. Schwalenberg Medical Fund Scholarship

  • Alphonse A. Burnant Trust Fund Scholarship

  • Burnand-Partridge Foundation Fund Scholarship

  • Westmont Provost Scholar